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welp i got to 3rd upgrade ima quit


i cant make oxygen pls help

This would be fun if it was multiplayer. idk, I just think the station upgrades were a bit redundant, since the plants grow in an instant.

gave it a go

ugh! i wish it would have been marked 64 bit only wasted my time with a game i cant play!

Calm yourself, not all devs are perfect. Although they shouldve marked it, still Don't get so mad over such a simple thing

sorry I didn't mean to sound mad. I think the dev did a great job! I was just disappointed I couldn't play because most games now no longer bother with the 32bit gaming crowd. Since the 60 days I have since followed everyone else and sold out! and got a new computer! After watching those big industrialist's boast how they can make everyone buy what they say!  I swore I wouldn't buy a 64bit computer sadly it's become obsolete and I had to choose either lose my steam account something ive had since the company 1st started or fold and not lose 10+ years of game info. It was an easy choice! I wanted to do something good but now I see you can only pick certain fights and mine was a losing one, the only way I would have won is if everyone banded with me to tell them you don't control us, But sadly I see it plain as day.... They do to some capacity. Well my fight is done now at least I can console myself with playing all the new updated games out there! Yeah!!!! Have a good one!

You changed topic from the game to losing an account

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64bit ONLY!!!!

Nice! Interesting idea, very hard though... Good job though!


im on the menu and i cant press anything